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Faction: Thieves Guild
Prerequisites: 50GoldIcon fenced
Quest Giver: Armand Christophe
Reward: Gold, advance to Footpad rank


The Imperial Watch normally doesn't collect taxes from the poor at the waterfront, however, Guard Captain Hieronymus Lex has actually collected them this time. It probably cost them more to collect the taxes than the total amount of taxes received. Armand Christophe wants you to take them back, along with the tax records.


It's suggested that you begin this quest right after you talk to Christophe, or between 12:40 and 1:10 on Tirdas, as this time offers the easiest entrance. Hieronymus Lex is located in the South Guard Tower accessible through the Temple District and Arboretum.

Lex's quarters are on the top floor. Usually a couple guards are in the first room. Ignore them and head upstairs. Although entering the second room is considered tresspassing, you won't recieve a bounty. You will be given several warnings by the guards until you recieve a bounty. The ladder to the next floor will always be a few feet to the left of where you come up. Lex's quarters on the top are locked, so bring picks. After you're up, he should be asleep but enter sneak mode just in case so he doesn't rouse.If there is a Imperial Guard that stops you when you enter the room,just cast a charm spell (like Voice of the Emperor) and you can easily try to open the desk.You can also use an invisibilty spell before you enter the room, but my advice is to use a charm spell. The desk where the money and tax records are stored is to your right, it is also locked. Be careful about waking him up. After stealing the list and taxes feel free to sneak around and take whatever you want from the watch captain's room. After you've grabbed the loot, run back downstairs, return to the Garden of Dareloth, and wait for Christophe.

Armand is pleased with your efforts, though he finds the amount you stole less than what he expected. In return, he lets you keep the tax money.

You can steal from Lex, too, if you're a decent thief. He has some additional gold, a valuable sword, and there's even a Nirnroot in his quarters.

Note: Lex cannot die, he only gets knocked unconscious, and you can't steal from an unconscious body.

Journal Entires Edit

Upon receiving this quest:

Armand of the Thieves Guild has asked me to recover the tax records and taxes collected by the Imperial Watch. They are being held by an over-zealous Captain called Hieronymus Lex in the South Watchtower.

After finding the tax records:

I found the tax records. Now to get them back to Armand in the Waterfront district.

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