A Varla Stone on a pedestal, beneath a Varla Stone Cage

Varla Stones are white, glowing, magical stones that, when used, recharge all magical items in your inventory. Varla Stones (like Welkynd Stones) are one use items.

There seems to be no limit to the number of enchanted items the Varla Stones can recharge at once, so it's very efficient to wait until many of your items need to be recharged and then put them all into your inventory (even if it overencumbers you) for a mass-recharge.

Varla Stones are found in Ayleid ruins. Sometimes they are hidden under Varla Stone Cages - you need to find a switch located somewhere in the ruin, which will raise the cage so you can take the stone.

Varla Stones are a more valuable, rare, and useful version of a Welkynd Stone. They are usually well hidden. The switches are either on sides of columns or under water most of the time. They are not for sale in any shops.

Properties Edit

Value: 1000 GoldIcon
Weight: 1 WeightIcon

Note: This is what it is in the U.S. version.


Name of Ayleid Ruin Number of Varla Stones Additional Notes
Anutwyll 1
Atatar Healia Dagon 3 There are 3 Varla stones without a cage in this part of Atatar. In the north on either side of the door to Atatar. Atatar is located North of Leyawiin To the right of the path. When you look at the map it's between THE and NIBENAY VALLEY. You are also lead to it by Modryn Oreyn, during the fighters guild quest Azani Blackheart.
Bawn 2
Battlehorn Castle 3 Available on XBOX Live
Beldaburo 1
Hame 1
Hrotanda Vale 2
Kemen 2
Lindai 2
Lipsand Tarn 1
Mackamentain 4
Malada 1
Miscarcand 1
Moranda 2
Nagastani 1
Nenalata 2
Nenyond Twyll 2 There are 2 Varla stones in cages near the back of the ruins. The buttons are underwater in the same room, on on each side of the path. This is the antechamber for the mages guild informant that is part of the Liberation or Apprehension? quest.
Niryastare 1
Nornal 3
Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevia 2 There are 2 Varla stones without cages in the southwest. After entering Nornalhorst you have to go through a door north of Nornalhorst. Walk straight forward and keep right. After you enter a large room you can enter a smaller one to the right. There they are in the 2 pillars.
Ondo 1
Piukanda 2
Sardavar Leed 2
Silorn 3
Talwinque 1
Varondo 2 The press blocks for the 2 Varla stone cages in Varondo Varasel are located on ground level in the big rom just prior to reaching the room with the cages. There are 2 switches, one on the right side of the walkway, and one on the left.
Veyond Gandrasel 3 There are 3 Varla stones without cages in this part of Veyond. They are located in a big room in the southwest of this part. Veyond can be found northeast of Leyawiin, south of Blankenmarch. Along the path drawn on the map.
Vilverin 1
Welke 1
Wendelbek 3
Wenyandawik 2

Other locations Edit

Notes Edit

  • There are only 59 Varla stones in the game. (If counting the one on display in Castle Chorrol and the three hidden deep within Battlehorn Castle)
  • Due to the relative scarcity of the stones it is recommended not to sell them, there are much better ways to make money
  • You can use the duplaction glitch to get more than 59 of them in game

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