The reward item from the task received at the Shrine of Malacath. It has the following attributes:


The hammer has a greenish tint due to its Paralysis enchantment.


Weapon Weapon Type Base Value Weight Base Damage
Volendrung Blunt, Two-hand 5362 GoldIcon 60 WeightIcon 19 DamageIcon


Volendrung inventory screenshot


Paralyze for 3 secs on Strike
Drain Health 5 pts for 20 secs on Strike
Maximum Charge: 2500
Uses: 16

Volendrung is unique in that it is the only Blunt weapon in the game with a Paralyze enchantment naturally. With the exception of the Dagger of Paralysis, or a Mage Staff that may be chosen after entering the Arcane University or using a Paralyze spell you must rely on either luck with Power Attacks or Alchemy to create poison with the Paralyze effect.


The Warhammer originally belonged to the patriarch of the Rourken, a clan of the Dwemer (Dwarves), who threw it across Tamriel, proclaiming that his clan would settle there, the hammer eventually landed in Hammerfell (hence the name), homeland of the Redguard, in which, true to their word, the clan, settled.

How exactly this mythical Dwarven hammer ended up in Malacath's, let alone any Daedric hands is completely unknown. But the same can be said of any Legendary item aquired from a Daedra Lord without their name on it.

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