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The Wayshrine of Akatosh is dedicated to the Nine Divines god Akatosh. A wayshrine is different from an altar in a chapel. An Altar of Akatosh can be found in major city temples and the Chapel of Akatosh is located in Kvatch. These wayshrines provide the blessing Jaws of Akatosh, detailed below.

As with other wayshrines, the two wayshrines of Akatosh appear as a circular base of white marble, with a central 'altar' that may be activated to provide the above blessing. Surrounding this altar is a ring of marble pillars, with a toroid marble top. Some shrines also have a number of obelisk-like marble features around them. The various shrines are in differing states of deterioration, with all featuring cracks and chips, some missing entire columns, the toroid marble top or sections of it.

Related QuestsEdit

It is required to find this wayshrine during the quest Pilgrimage that is added to the game by the Knights of the Nine add on.

Locations Edit

Jaws of Akatosh Edit

Praying at Akatosh's wayshrine bestows the blessing Jaws of Akatosh, which grants the following abilities:

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