Main Quest

Deliver the Amulet
Find the Heir
Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Weynon Priory
Path of Dawn
Dagon Shrine
Blood of the Daedra
Bruma Gate
Allies for Bruma
Sancre Tor
Defense of Bruma
Great Gate
Light the Dragonfires
Imperial Dragon Armor


Quest giver: Brother Martin
Reward: None

Background InformationEdit


After you shut the gate to Oblivion in Kvatch, take Brother Martin to Weynon Priory just southeast of Chorrol. There, you will be confronted with Mythic Dawn agents. Fight them and then go to the Chapel at the right to find Jauffre fighting against three more Mythic Dawn attackers. Despite being an aged monk, long-since retired from the Blades, he can more than hold them off.

After you save him, Jauffre wants to check if the Amulet of Kings is still where he hid it, so follow him into the building. You'll discover that it's gone and that you need to recover the Amulet.

Jauffre suggests bringing Martin to Cloud Ruler Temple northwest of Bruma. Head there and ten Blades will welcome you and the heir. They will declare him Emperor and Martin will give a short impromptu speech. He'll then discuss with you Daedric magic and the importance of the Amulet of Kings.

Talk to Jauffre and he will ask you to join the Blades. If you join, you will have free access to a multitude of books, armour, weapons, and gold in the sanctuary, as well as plenty of free places to sleep.

Jauffre will then give you the next quest, Path of Dawn, and will ask you to go talk to Baurus located in Imperial City to see if he has uncovered any knowledge regarding the Emperor's assassination.

Journal EntriesEdit

Upon arriving at Weynon Priory and finding it under attack by the Mythic Dawn:

Weynon Priory is under attack! I must find and protect Jauffre, but make sure that Martin remains safe from the enemy as well.

After finding Jauffre:

I found Jauffre. He believes the attackers may have taken the Amulet of Kings from its hiding place in Weynon House. I should go and see if it is still safe.

After not finding the Amulet of Kings:

We agreed that we must find someplace safe to take Martin. Jauffree suggested Cloud Ruler Temple, the hidden Blades fortress near Bruma. I should escort Martin and Jauffre there immediately.

After bringing Martin and Jauffre to Cloud Ruler Temple:

I brought Martin and Jauffre safely to Cloud Ruler Temple.

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