Prerequisites: None
Faction: None
Quest Giver: A farmer named Maeva the Buxom at Whitmond Farm, or by finding Rockshatter in Fort Strand
Reward: gold (level dependent, 745 gold at level 33)

Maeva's once-good but now no-good husband Bjalfi has run off to be a bandit and taken Rockshatter; she would like it back. It can be found on her husband in Fort Strand. If you go to the fort first, you get the quest by picking up the weapon. There are two ways into the second room in the fort, and either way you will reach Bjalfi. Beware in the room he is in, the Fort's Warlord with his Dog companion and a Marauder Archer are with him. Also, be aware of the several traps placed about the fort.


  • By allowing everyone in the cave to respawn it is possible to obtain two copies of Rockshatter along with all other loot in the fort. Maeva may not accept the second Rockshatter however. This has not been confirmed to work post patch.
  • Killing Maeva ends the quest.

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