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Faction: Dark Brotherhood
Quest Giver: Arquen
Reward: 200 GoldIcon, Dark Brotherhood companions

Background Edit

As Listener for the Black Hand, your one duty is to hear the commands of the Night Mother and pass them on to your Speakers. You can repeat this quest once a week.


All you need to do for this quest is go to the Night Mother statue in Bravil (a.k.a. The Lucky Old Lady), and talk to her. She'll give you the name and location of a client (don't bother trying to find them, they are always located outside of Cyrodiil, and thus you cannot go complete the task yourself). Head back to the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and tell Arquen. She'll give your share of the earnings for the week (about 200 GoldIcon).

This also makes a new Dark Brotherhood member available as a bodyguard to you (he/she just follows you around and helps you out). More will show up as you repeat the quest.

You may only have one Dark Brotherhood companion at one time, they are all capable fighters and will fight for you untill death. The first dark sister carries a leveled dagger with the normal brotherhood garb only without the hood. The second is a male bowmen that wears both parts of the armor and has some enchanted arrows. The Third is a male Khajiit swordsman with only the normal brotherhood garb, the sister is also a merchant who will buy stolen goods but when travelling with a Dark Brotherhood companion the Barter option is not available

Journal Entries Edit

Upon receiving the quest:

Once a week, I must speak with the statue of the Night Mother in Bravil. The Night Mother will give me a list of names and locations of people who require a visit from a Dark Brotherhood Speaker, to arrange an assassination. If I take this information to Arquen in the Cheydinhal Sanctuary, she will give me my weekly earnings. I can do this every week for as long as I want, and there is no penalty if I choose not to.

Previous Quest: Honor Thy Mother Next Quest: None

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